Tuesday, 17 February 2009

You Me and a Bit of colour and crystal theory..

So Then what is your favorite colour?
Mine is purple but I also like ACID yellow, NEON pink.. Black, turquoise and bronze

OK what does colour say about me or for YOU for that matter..

RED is Vitality, courage, self Confidence
ORANGE is happiness, confidence, resourcefulness
YELLOW is Wisdom, Clarity, self esteem
GREEN is balance, love, compassion
Blue is knowledge, health, wisdom
Indigo is Mysticism, understanding
VIOLETS is beauty, creativity, inspiration
WHITE is purity, inner peace
MAGENTA is magnatism, attraction, self realization
PINK is love, femininity and Peace
TURQUOISE is Originality, renewal, insightful
BROWN is stability, grounding, decisiveness
BLACK is mystery and self containment, protection
GOLD is self confidence and creativity
SILVER is rebirth, reincarnation, emotional stability
COPPER/BRONZE is love, passion, positive relationships

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