Sunday, 30 May 2010


Ernte means harvest in German and was born out of a installation project called Harvest Space which somehow mutated into a fashion line. If I ever wanted a company to collaborate with on an impressive installation or art piece for Regenerate, Ernte would be the on the top of the hot list.

Whilst in Bali I came across Evan from Ernte and interviewed him to find out what was lying beneath his inspiration.

Miss Regenerate 'What is the concept behind your brand?'

Evan Ernte 'Concept was traditionally a hybrid between the idea of a synthetic skin and totems like animal magic. Something protective. It has since become looser and more diverse, something a lot more basic and attainable. A progression I am very happy about... Everything is made in Bali.'

Miss Regenerate 'What inspires you and your work?'

Evan Ernte 'Numbers, Systems, Landscapes, Cells, Rituals and Music.'

Miss Regenerate 'What parts of the world have Ernte taken you too?'

Evan Ernte 'Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, USA and Indonesia'

Miss Regenerate 'What have been your highlights?'

Evan Ernte 'I think the two most major highlights were our total takeover of Loveless in Tokyo and the runway show in LA, in 2007.'

Miss Regenerate 'Where do you exhibit or sell your collections?'

Evan Ernte 'Right now I am primarily producing Ernte on made to order basis, but there are some objects and jewelry in Maxfield (Los Angeles).'

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Queen Chenoa of Chanteuse

Chenoa Fox has her own distinct style; she glides in the room with such an elegant slender posture, holding her head high, every movement eloquent, mesmerising and glamorous. Her persona resembles a time when women had short sleek hair, bright red lips, wearing silky shift dresses and sexy lingerie, Chenoa is a modern day 1920s flapper epitomising the spirit of a reckless rebel dancing the night away under the stars.

When I discovered that
Chenoa had her own label Chanteuse I was so excited, this was a chance to buy some silky lingerie in the style of a classic French garconne. Miss regenerate caught up with queen Chenoa of Chanteuse for high tea in Bali.

Miss Regenerate ‘Tell me the story of how you founded Chanteuse?’

Queen Chenoa ‘I used to be
a contortionist/burlesque dancer creating all my own costumes, whilst working with Artists from Montréal and circ du soleil.

In 2008 I founded Chanteuse, fuelled by the desire to create something that everyone could be a part of by start something I felt was missing in the world of lingerie.

Chateau's has a timeless feel for a modern women, who like me is also inspired by the 20's and other vintage eras. I work with eco materials such as Organic Cotton, Bamboo and silk whilst exploring the use of fabric combinations and reconstructed vintage.

I recreate high quality pieces for women to wear and look out of the past, without the stitches falling apart and turning to shreds, as so many vintage silk dresses do.

Miss Regenerate ‘What has been your highlights so far?’

Queen Chenoa ‘the highlights! There are So Many, Let's see, when I see beautiful women wearing my designs and there positive reaction to my pieces, When we landed our account with Co Co de Mer, traveling to Bali to make and produce the line and meeting people like YOU!!!’

Miss Regenerate blushes. ‘Why thank you’
‘What inspires your work as a designer and creative each season?’

Queen Chenoa ‘Inspiration is endless and comes from everything I can see feel and hear, Music is a huge inspiration hence the Name' Chanteuse. Last night I saw a band called Fish Tank Ensemble and I was so moved by the range of the Singer I wanted to make her the perfect dress to wear on stage. Many different Designers and Iconic performers are always inspiring but most of all my close friends who are the most amazing artists and creative people I know, but I am inspired most of all by Love and Passion.’

Miss Regenerate ‘What (ethical) new designer labels are you into at the moment?

Queen Chenoa Stella McCartney and Regenerate Clothing

Miss Regenerate ‘Who would you like to wear your clothes in the future?’

Queen ChenoaZooey Deschanel, Audrey Tatou, Marion cotillard, Dita von Tease, Kate Moss you!’