Sunday, 28 February 2010

A collage of dreams

A collage filled with dreams, broken mirror, memories, sounds of unrequited love, faded poisoned roses and a pocket filled with dreams

A Child of the Jago

A Child of The Jago, mixing it up with archives of uniform, military, apache pieces, geometric shapes, porn, pirates and punk. Made in the Uk.

Self Styled London

I Lover her look!!! Photos by Anthony Lycett

Saturday, 27 February 2010


I sewed my shadow of petals put. To change my dreams, in the middle of the room, I'm sleeping standing up on a stone. Then, when my pockets of silence are full, I'm searching for a place, like a desire. Thus, the assembled threads will sleep one against the other. Aoi Kotsuhiroi.

Fred Butler Style

Fred Butler reminiscent of childhood memories crayola crayons, magic pens, Origarmi shapes, party poppers, My little pony, plastic fantastic, 1001 sweets and penny mixes!

Star Styling, Berlin

Starstyling are an label from Berlin, with a really unique edge! A mixture of natural organic fabrics and metallic, neon, geometric brights, performance art, contemporary, catwalk, art.

A fusion creativity by designer Jessica Nussbaun

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Miss Regenerate Shortlisted for UK Fashion Entrepreneur Award

Designer May Cortazzi has been shortlisted as a finalist for the UK Fashion Entrepreneur Awards 2010. The shortlist of 5 was announced at a ceremony at London Fashion Week, selected by Paul Alger of UK Fashion Exports, Maurice Mullen, Head of fashion at Evening Standard, legendary designer Anne Tyrell and Sarah Mower, the ambassador for Emerging talent at The British Fashion Council.

The shortlist was selected after 12 finalists presented their thoughts and ideas of developing the fashion industry in the UK.

Finalists will visit Indonesia in March, on a tour that aims to provide a ‘short hand’ of the industry with the chance to meet industry leaders as well as peers, to understand how business is done there. This is an amazing opportunity for talented individuals to increase their international networks and gain valuable insights.

May is the founder of ethical fashion label Regenerate Clothing, director of fashion at Shop, based in Nottingham and ethical fashion campaigner and mentor.

'I am thrilled to be on the Shortlist, I feel honored and extremely lucky that I have this opportunity to expand our networks for Regenerate Clothing and Shop both nationally through the Young Creative Entrepreneurs Network and Internationally! I am really looking forward to traveling to Indonesia with The British Council and understanding more about art and fashion culture out there and hopefully will be able to build some life long business relationships.'

This award champions those who are passionate about fashion, innovators looking for entrepreneurial ways to move the UK fashion industry forward and looking to broaden their international business opportunities build network.

For more information on May Cortazzi please

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Regenerate Drapers

'The key trend this season is 'The Remix' where sport luxe blends with traditional street denim styles to update young fashion'.Regenerate is highlighted as this seasons must have label to buy, we are working from inside the industry to make the world a little happier and alot better dressed with are ethically sourced clothing. For more information visit:-