Friday, 29 January 2010

arn mercantile

Neil Jay Christopher (former designer for Nike, Levi’s and Adidas in addition to working for renowned Japanese label Kato) and his wife have set up a carbon positive fair trade label, which is already selling in Oki-ni and quickly throughout Japan.

I think it is fantastic how designers like Neil are investing there time and energy into Fair trade fashion, accessing there clothing to high end, branded stores and breaking those eco stereotypes.

Items are inspired by 1920s workwear, so they are made on the principles of having a long life cycle. In a recent interview Neil said “We only use Organic grown cotton and wools, on the new shirting’s it’s all fair-trade cottons, dyes and a carbon negative looming shed. The fabric mainly comes from Japan [and] we only use UK production. We [usually] work with small factories - our trousers factory is four brothers working for their dad.”

“ARN is, at present, non profit,” Neil explains. “We all work on other things so ARN can exist without the need to make money. The prices are pretty much tax plus costs and fabric.”

When asked about whether fashion houses can no longer rely on prestige alone to sell products he replies, “I see very little prestige attached to the bigger companies that do that. The market has always marked up for brand image, it’ll not stop, until the consumer moves on from the ‘need’ to wear a label! If these labels were a mark of quality, then you’d not ask the question and the consumer would be happier to buy the goods without the need to show their label. The short answer is too many companies trade on the idea that they’re good quality instead of being good quality!”

All items are made in the UK and available to buy from Oki-ni.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Backstage with John Galliano

One of the things I love about John Galliano is the effort he puts in to Fashion styling, hair and make up. I have been to hundreds of ethical/eco fashion shows, only to leave feeling disappointed by the lack of imagination and effort that goes into hair and make up. Catwalk is all about telling the story of your collection through all your senses, I hope that by next next my collection is built up and I can put on a Regenerate show that changes the face of ethical fashion!

Martin Margiela

I have just came across this key chain by Martin Margiela, a really innovative way of using old and broken locks, zippers, key rings and disused keys, and making chunky neck laces and charm bracelets.

Martin Margielas show room Space my idea of heaven

This is Martin Margielas showroom studio, my idea of a dream! Refined down, carefully selected, streamline, glamour meets punk and a bit of disco! I plan to create a similar look to this at my Shop, where later on this year I will be curating an ethical fashion exhibition, where items are actually for sale too.

Josh Goot

I'm loving this outfit by Josh Goot, this tailored jacket is such a perfect shape and the shoulders are padded to make a woman feel powerful but sexy!

The splats are really creative and eccentric and you could easily buy a second hand jacket and create this look in your own style whilst reducing those waste mountains! This suit would look great with one of our white black and white Regenerate vest and some sneakers!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Ping Ping time for some Kling by Kling

Kling by Kling, is on the pulse this season, check out these graphics I absolutely love them, they are clean, fresh, monotone and quirky. I also love this shoot all the models shot lying on the floor and doodled onto. The silhouette and styling is almost like snow Clowns have raided the toy box and have jumped out of a jack in the box!

MJM Spring Summer 2010 Fresh Upbeat and Inspired by the Streets

I am loving these FRESH Colours and shapes of MJM Spring Summer 2010 Collection, you can easily recreate this look customizing your leggings, t-shirts and using 2 metre lengths of jersey draped and stitched with little waste. Lets get stitching!

Cutting it fine at Ground- Zero

I Love this new Collection by fashion label Ground-Zero based on Consumerism all the prints are inspired by things we see everyday. I also love the way the pieces have been cut in basic block shapes with little seams, creating minimum waste and maximum comfort!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Devendra Banhart Lover <3

Devendra Banhart is an fabulous fashion icon,
both musically and stylistically he expresses
himself in a eclectic mix which merges itself
between rock n roll, vintage, phycedellic hippy!
Devendras face always looks amazing in make
up, black eyeliner, bindis, beards and tattoos,
he is a modern day Jim Morrison.

Our new Regenerate Collection is inspired
by him!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Henry Hollands designer t-shirts

Im loving these T-shirts by Henry Holland , for those with a unhealthy obsession with fashion, printed on ethically made t-shirts, Im going to wear mine with a organic Regenerate Hoody!

Heres what i'd do to your Flag John Galliano

This is what i'd do with previous blog post on John Gallianos pirate flag... modelled by Alison Mosshart from The kills.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Phillip Tracey Love the Lace

Phillip Tracey is Amazing! Check out these accessories, which you could easily customize and add your own lace onto a plain bag, or a pair of sexy heels, and rock out with a black Regenerate vest..

John Galliano Union jack punk Flag

John Galliano union jack Flag!! If I had this I would be tempted to make it into a show stopping dress, available to by Show Studio


Love photographs by Solve Sundsbo, sold online through Show Studio, would look great on any regenerate customers wall

NATURAL BORN KILLER (Joana and the Wolf)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Kay Desmond Cropped Jacket from Not Just a Label

LOVE this jacket made from old bleached denim, and frayed to the max and could be worn with a Regenerate T-shirt

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Skallywags

What Im diggin...

The androgynous style of Grunge throwing everything you can together and stick on a pair on sunglasses or red lipstick

Alison Mosshart

Alison Mosshart has a edgy but feminine grunge look that represents the heart and soul of Regenerate Womenswear.

The Kills

I love there electic style of Rock n Roll meets Camden punk!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Georgian Couture

Photos by Steven Miesel

Friday, 1 January 2010


Now and again I still think about running away with the circus and dressing like a Clownette on the road with just a one wheeled bike and umbrella!