Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My First Blog

Hello Im Miss Regenerate and This is my first Blog, my life is very varied and I believe one should have an adventure everyday, so I decided to write a blog starting now so you can keep track of my life and mishaps.

Where do I start well...

Barcelona Maybe...yeah ok I went to Barcelona on my own (the way I like it). its the kinda place I like to go for 3 days max then move on. I went to Visit this trade show called Bread and Butter (Fashion trade Show).

It was Kinda interesting here are some photos of my adventures at Bread and Butter I particularly enjoyed The ViCe Party in tHe Show, WAD Party and Fake beach outside where I met a crazy photographer who was wicked!!!

And met this cool Dog which I chased and tried to Kidnap, but then security chased me out

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