Friday, 27 February 2009

Iglu and Hartly Madness

So I stumbled across this band, Iglu and Hartly, I thought there sound was killer man, they are like every girls fantasy flash dance, meets chilli peppers, meets zoolander, meets hot men from LA, who wanna party with you!

I really thought they are the kinda guys that would look sexier in Regenerate, So I hit them with an email, So they messaged me and wanted to party so i got a group of girls together and we all threw this big party for Jarvis the lead singer..

Me Lewis (Druand Sammy really got on and made some funny videos, i think its because they liked my red and purple and we all rolled about with our big fake mustaches

The band were cool and crazy enough to hang with me we screamed, shouted, rapped, put on are fake mutaches and danced all night long.. At one point the croud thought me and the Regenerate crew with in the band and screamed 'Get your tits out'... this was a total surprise as im compleatly flat chested as are my models..

I love styling bands and parting and have decided to have another year of touring festivals and rolling in mud dressing in regenerate.. I'm also feeling really HAPPY and confident, got so much to look forward to moving into a new studio, new studios, meeting new people and feeling strong!
I have a good feeling...

Xx Party On

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