Monday, 23 February 2009

LoNdOn FaShIoN squEeK

LonDoN FaShIoN WeEk, was...InTereSTiNG! I WaS KiNd Of DiSsaPoiNtEd WITh ThE ExHiBiTiOn SoMe Of ThE PeOpLE I Met (MaInLy AgEnTS) WeRe Up ThEre oWn ArSe AnD rUdE, ThEy HaVe No ReaSoN FOr ThE AtTiTuDe OnLy ThEre OlD AgE AnD ObViOuS LaCk Of No-InG WhAt Is AcTuAlLY GoINg On RiGHT nOw In FasHioN.

ThEy ObViOUsLy ThInk ThEy WiLl Go FaR WITh ThERe RuDe CoMmeNTs, DiRtY LooKs AnD BiTcHyNeSS.

WeLl LuCkY FoR Me I GeT To ChoOse WhO I wAnT To RePReSenT ReGEnEraTe AnD It WoNt Be theM!!!!! Im DoInG BeTtER On My OwN WiTH My SmiLES AnD HuGs!

But ThErE WeRe SomE PeOplE I mEt ThAt WeRE ReaLLy SpEcIaL AnD I HopE WE WiLL CoLlAbOraTe WitH SaLes, ShOws AnD Art!

ThEsE PeOplE Were BanTum (SiMeOn AnD i are GeTtIng A StuDio ToGetHER) He Just Won UK FaShIon EnTpReNeUr AwaRd!!!! I came 8th (Still hE Is MoRe EstaBlIsHed AnD cHeeKiER ;)

AnD PeRfEctLy FlAweD, KaRl Is ReAlLy TaLeNtEd AnD I ThInK thAt AnYoNe WhO lIkEs ReGEnEraTE Will LikE ThiS lAbEl Too...

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