Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Miss Regenerate and MELKP Do Paris PART 2

Yeah so From Versailles we tried to get back to Paris with the help of an old lady, and landed in Paris just as MELPT was about to literally piss herself!!

We then ran off to Chez Regine (apparently the only decent club in Paris) for WAD Party!
This was the strangest club there was a huge que outside, we walked to the front and asked to come in they were like ok (The only place where being English was cool) whilst The frenchys were stuck outside 'please let us in'...hahahah

although once we hit downstairs we were like why would anyone come here as they played r and b, i felt like I was about to puke!

Then lots of fun people walked in, and we met these cool traveling designers from Australia!!! Then the good tunes started to play and it was like any other night and the Rescue Rooms but cleaner and nicer peeps!

Next day we hit Pere La Chese in search of Jim Morrisen, I still love that place even in the -4 chill!

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