Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Entrepreneurathon madness

I met 12 entrepreneurs from all over the world:- Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Istanbul, Poland and UK, with the British Fashion Council.

Really nice bunch of people, and amazing talent too!

I presented my label to the group and they were really excited about regenerate even though they were jet lagged and only had 3 hours sleep!

The winner from Saudi Arabia has 6 shops (a bit like beyond the Valley, london) we are hoping to collaborate together.

The winner from Sri Lanka runs the Fashion School, and asked me to teach there.

I also met Priya from Bombay Electric she was really funky and has a cool concept store in India.

After the meeting I taught my ethical fashion elective and invited David and Dora from Well cultivated in there label in awesome, they sell hooded dressing gowns made from ORGANIC BAMBOO!!!

I then went to The Creative Business awards exhibition and awards and met a few more artists and creatives.

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