Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Miss Regenerate and MELKP Do Paris

PArIs PaRiS PARIS!!!! Je T'aime Paris

I felt heartbroken and upset with A road life had taken me down...
                                                                                                               down ....
I hate those DEAD ENDS

So I went on the road to Paris with MELKP to go check out what was happening in fashion and get a bit of inspiration and clear my mind!

We arrived in The Bastille and got stuck in the 

 Woop Woop wwere stuck in the croud, shoulders and arms full of suitcases for 3 hours pushing against the crowd, at one point I was buried under a sea of people and had to use my bags as a climbing frame to find MELKP screaming.. we just about got out alive and found the whole experience amusing!

After trekking around the trade/fashion shows the adventures began and we hit the flee markets in the north, the whole area was the worst part of Paris and People stared and hissed at us in the street as we were the 'English' Outcasts.. we loved it!!!

Really Loved the stone statues, vintage markets, buttons, and lace here!

We then went to Tokoyo de Palais and a saw a joke of an exhibition 3 weeds (literally) in the three gallery spaces there, and they were paying money to see it (We didnt)

Instead we ran over the bridge for a cruise along the river at sunset, eyes wide open, heart pounding, I fell in Love again with  Paris!!

I was so loved up with poetry swirling round my head that we got on the wrong train and ended up in Versailles!

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