Thursday, 24 June 2010

Clean Batik Campaign

Indonesia has the finest batiks in the world, each piece of cloth can take up to 12 months to create, depending on the quality of design on fabric. Whilst in Indonesia I visited an array of producers who used a range of colours and motifs from different cultures and regions of Indonesia, their are around 13500 designs in total, and more always being made.. A trip to The Ministry of trade highlighted how large the batik industry is their are 48,287 batik producers in Indonesia, who employ 792, 285 workers

Although Batik is a flourishing trade this has come at a price :-

  • Batik produces the highest annual emission of CO2 as a result of high dependency on kerosene and electricity.

  • The Indonesian Ministry of Environment has identified batik as one of the worst river polluters in the country.

The Clean Batik Initiative, a 4 year program implemented the German Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The Consisting of three components;- sustainable production, sustainable consumption and policy dialogues. By Supporting Batik producers and helping them produce cleaner and greener batik.

Clean Batik Initiative:-

  • Trains batik makers in the art of clean batik
  • Supports Green production
  • Promotes producers internationally
  • Supports an International Dialogue

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