Thursday, 24 June 2010

Distro Printers

Some Distro labels run factories to cater for the demand of the industry, on my second trip to Bandung I visited Phae Ratulangie who produces 1000s of pieces a week, for designers and Distro businesses this includes Oscar Lawelleta and Hard Rock Café. Phae owns 4 outlets and 2 print and manufacture factories.

Phae has built a skate ramp and runs a foundation called The Phae Adikaka foundation which encourages parents to interact with their children, and which keeps the children of Bandung away from drink, drugs and prostitution by giving them a positive place to come to after school.

He also runs this rad baby clothing label called Parental Baby, which is totally Regenerate Style.

I spent one day doing a collaborative workshop with Phae and the children teaching them about ethical fashion and about ways to be a entrepreneur in their own area.

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