Thursday, 24 June 2010

Regenerate Kids helping Kids, build my dreams campaign

Whilst in Indonesia I was greatly saddened by the fact there
were so many children on the street. But rather than give them a hand out, I decided to give them a hand up!

These are some of the statistics :-

  • 40% of children are malnourished
  • 2 million can not afford to go to school
  • 1.7 million live on the streets
  • 63% of kids in Surabaya live on the streets

On my return I got together a plan and started telling my Shop collective about these key social issues, we decided to take action.

I got together two key SHOP FAMILY artists in Nottingham Jon Burgerman a Internationally recognized doodler and Nick Chaffe an award winning illustrator.

The three of us designed 3 pieces of artwork and sent it to the street kids at Phae foundation and The Childrens foundation in Lombok, Phae put posters around the slums and 30 kids came to colour the artwork.

These pictures shows the children colouring in our work and wearing the free ‘Regenerate Build my dream Tshirts’ that Phae had donated.

There work will go on cards to sell and our work will be printed on to Organic bags. Each bag comes with pens to doodle on and encourages big kids like us to collaborate, interact and play.

Each bag will be sold for £10 and all the money goes to help street kids.

To sponsor a child costs £40 a month we hope we can sell as many bags as possible and find as many sponsorships to help to get these children off the streets, through Phaes foundation and other childrens foundations.

This is another childrens foundation where we will raise money to help street kids: -

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