Sunday, 30 May 2010


Ernte means harvest in German and was born out of a installation project called Harvest Space which somehow mutated into a fashion line. If I ever wanted a company to collaborate with on an impressive installation or art piece for Regenerate, Ernte would be the on the top of the hot list.

Whilst in Bali I came across Evan from Ernte and interviewed him to find out what was lying beneath his inspiration.

Miss Regenerate 'What is the concept behind your brand?'

Evan Ernte 'Concept was traditionally a hybrid between the idea of a synthetic skin and totems like animal magic. Something protective. It has since become looser and more diverse, something a lot more basic and attainable. A progression I am very happy about... Everything is made in Bali.'

Miss Regenerate 'What inspires you and your work?'

Evan Ernte 'Numbers, Systems, Landscapes, Cells, Rituals and Music.'

Miss Regenerate 'What parts of the world have Ernte taken you too?'

Evan Ernte 'Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, USA and Indonesia'

Miss Regenerate 'What have been your highlights?'

Evan Ernte 'I think the two most major highlights were our total takeover of Loveless in Tokyo and the runway show in LA, in 2007.'

Miss Regenerate 'Where do you exhibit or sell your collections?'

Evan Ernte 'Right now I am primarily producing Ernte on made to order basis, but there are some objects and jewelry in Maxfield (Los Angeles).'

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