Thursday, 24 June 2010

Fair Trade Ikat

During my trip to Indonesia I discovered Ikat through Oscar Lawaletta’s exhibition in Jakarta. The colors and patterns of Ikat inspired my work, rich in traditional values and culture, Ikat was passed down through generations.

  • 30 years ago homegrown Cotton and natural dyes were grown all over Indonesia for Ikat..

  • But poor economics, meant that communities were forced to stop growing cotton for extra income as weaving no longer made economic sense.
  • With modernization came cheaper cloth and bright chemical dyes

  • Threats from the global market forced weavers to act quicker so they abandoned growing cotton and natural dyes
  • Pockets of weavers still remain, but in poor marginal areas of Indonesia.

After researching into fair trade organizations, I only found one certified fashion company in the whole of Indonesia.

This business is based in Bali called Threads of Life.

Threads of Life encourages weaving communities to revive techniques of weaving and natural dyeing that are in danger of disappearing.

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