Thursday, 24 June 2010

Distro Bandung

Southeast Asia’s financial crisis struck Indonesia in 1997 and quickly turned into a political and economic crisis.

With many people loosing their jobs and homes, this effected the area of Bandung, where Poverty levels increased by 30%, which led to the birth of Distro


Began as reaction against expensive mass produced brands.

Deriving from the urban street culture

Where youth made their own clothing

To express their individual identities and lifestyle interests.

Bandung is the centre for textiles and clothing manufacturing in Java

Which lead to Distro entrepreneurs opening their Shops selling their goods

These retailers are called DISTRO

There are now over 200 Distro outlets in Bandung selling clothing, toys and accessories.

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  1. this is so fantastic...
    i was born in Bandung too but now i live in Medan Northside sumatera...

    and please read my Blog too..