Saturday, 13 March 2010

Regenerate Indonesia Intro

Hello I'm May Cortazzi (AKA Miss Regenerate), I am thrilled and feel very honored to be one of the five short listed for the British Councils UK Fashion Entrepreneur Award 2010. Over the next four weeks I will be blogging to you about my crazy and colorful experiences within the Indonesian fashion Industry.

The first week I will undertake an organized tour organized by the Council which is hosted by a lifestyle magazine called Femina, where I'll be experiencing a varied and exciting journey of The Indonesian Fashion Industry, from the perspective of a designer, Shop collaborator and ethical education campaigner. I will call this experience Regenerate Indonesia, as I'm hoping to learn as much as possible about Indonesia in the context of fashion and looking to spread Regenerate to a global market, collaborating with the people I meet on the way, Miss Regenerate Style. If you are curious as to know what my style is then check out my websites for The Shop and Regenerate.

I will be spending next 10 days in Jakarta, Bandung and Solo visiting a whole range of cultural centers, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs with the view of gaining a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges that wait for me in this exciting new emerging economy.

I have then extended my trip an extra 3 weeks, where I will be meeting and living with key workers, designers, artists and collectives. Developing ideas and exciting new opportunities.. my lips are sealed into this leg of the journey, so you will just have to stay tuned and follow me on twitter and facebook. ;)

So with an expandable suitcase the size of Brazil next stop is Gatwick airport, where I will meet my fellow entrepreneurs.

Read about this trip here:-

May Cortazzi

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