Monday, 1 March 2010

Madness Indonesia

Madness is a project that combines 3 designers based in Jakarta. Those designers are: Ajeng Dewi Swastiari, Bonnie Natasha Arif and Vannie Astecat. They life in a dual perspective and also they believe everybody has two sides that are opposite. Their dark side even could make something creative. They define their project that made by their alter ego by adding craziness, unpredictable and things that are surreal that come from their dreams. As a result their collection is full of things that are unexpected.

When their soul meets the body, it has it own way to put them up together without knowing the reasons, yet still reachable for them to see and to grab it. They believed that their alter egos would simply pull out such a breathtaking breakthrough in fashion nowadays and tomorrow. They are
m a d n e s s.

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