Monday, 6 April 2009

WhAt GoEs DoWn In The DaM MaN!

This is my Alternative guide to Amsterdam a collection of adventures...
off the beaten track...

I rolled down to The Dam with the Waste crew and Spinsters emporium, in search to find out what was happening in the hood! First day I arrive and head north to Jorden and beyond.. street after street, i stumble in the sun, quit moving and sat on my suitcase, to watch the people and get a vibe of the city! Whilst skanky men come up to me in my police hat and leathers
'Are you looking for sum' I am shocked 'Nah.. thanks mate!' again get stopped time after time, I realise I am in the wrong place and wearing wrong outfit... I ve been up for 21 hours head spinning i sit by the canal watch the sun set, and try not to fall in then meet SpInsters and Waste and Hit Cut N PaSte a live art exhibition, where artists battle each other, on photoshop n illustrator! 1000 peeps in Paradisco all up for a bit of art.... Crazy night!! ;P DoNna n NOrm you know wot im saying!

We head to BaR Karma and Soundgarden then Croggy into the night on bikes, accompanied by crazy Americans! Day two I watch Parrots from Salomes balcony, n head for 9 streets, met hundreds of stockists n specially loved Wolf N pAck, Supermarket n Concrete for there wears!

DaY three me N Salome head out on bikes round the city, we hit the organic market, Windmills, Beer making factory, Canals, Red Light district, Turkish area, N Dam Square where I took part in the biggest Pillow fight of my life! After which we headed back to flat covered in feathers, N Ellen N Co came down from Rotterdam and we went parting till early hours!!! AmStERdAM You RuLE AnD I WilL Be BacK Soon, WoOdeN ShOeS N All....

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