Monday, 30 March 2009

Flood It!

It Was ReGeNeRaTes FiRst LiVe ArT EvEnT FlOod IT! 12 ArTiStS aNd DesIGnErs ScReeN PrInT ArT ExHiBiTiON, WhErE PeOPlE CaME FrOm AlL oVeR the CouNTrY TO WAtCH MiSS ReGeNeRATE, PrInt ThErE T-ShiRT, JaCKEt, SkIRt, DreSS...

OtHer ArtIsTS InClUdeD
Live Art From:

Waste (
Dilk (
Jo Cope (
Spinster's Emporium (
Jennie Webber
Calvin Sangster
Simeon Hartwig (
Regenerate Clothing (
Alex Godwin (
David Ford (
Jeffrey Bowman (

Zineswap also graced us with their presence for some zine swapping action (

ThErE werE aT leaST 400 PeoPle It Was MeNtAl


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