Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Top tips for shopping for second hand clothes in Hanoi

So after living in Hanoi now for 3 months I have discovered a whole new side to fashion and shopping. Hang Da market and Sida market is the most exciting shopping experience for anyone who loves a good car boot sale, charity shop, swap shop and vintage shop.

Clothes from Europe, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia all end up bazaarly at these markets so you can imagine what kind of ranges are available for fashionistas and shopaholics!

My top tips for hunting out the best finds are:-
1. First look for interesting fabric, prints and textures, that suit the colour of your skin.
2. Look for clothing that isn't too old and the fabric is not worn and bobbly, some clothes are brand new with labels still attached.
3. Old bras, t-shirts, underwear and vests- a no go area.
4. Wear clothes and shoes that are easy to slip off and you can try dresses and shirts on over the top.
5. Bring a small mirror with you and try all your finds on before buying them.
6. Think about items you can wear to style up your outfit, make up, belts, shoes and bags.
7. If a item in too large think about using a tailor to adjust too your size.
8. Make sure there are no marks, holes and tears on the fabric that can not be removed (unless they look cool)
9. Examine the buttons, zips and fastening to check they are functioning.
10. Thoroughly wash/dry clean your purchases as soon as you get home.

Here are some photos of items I purchased for 40,000 Dong (£1.15) per piece.

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