Friday, 11 September 2009

Bali Love Adventure

After Thailand I travelled to Bali for Adventure, the whole country is full of artists, when I say FULL I mean Full, art galleries and shops with local craftsmen, round every corner.

It was amazing and inspiring, I also met the Love of my Life Florian Biknar, we were in India together building Solar cookers in 2004 and met up again and decided... that was that.. so now we are together forever and will have a very happy life.

Funny now Im really in Love I realise all the times I thought I was i love it was just enthatuation, real love is amazing and you never have any noubts

We plan to build an eco house, have heaps of kids and plenty of rooms for people to stay.. we will also be back in Bali soon, Ill be making a full range there and he will be sending furniture and art to Europe!

We will have a happy life together :)

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